Lectio Divina with Cardinal Thomas Collins - Season 7
The Gospel of Mark - Year I
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The theme for the 2013/14 series is The Gospel of Mark. This year's Lectio Divina will focus on the scriptural passages that highlight the miracles and teachings of Jesus as found in Mark’s Gospel.

Episode 1
The Beginning of the Gospel of Jesus Christ (Mark 1: 1-20)
Episode 2
Jesus Teaches and Heals (Mark 1: 21-45)
Episode 3
Jesus Calls his Disciples (Mark 2: 1-28)
Episode 4
The Crowds Follow Jesus (Mark 3: 1-19)
Episode 5
Parables (Mark 3:20-4:20)
Episode 6
The Calming of the Storm (Mark 4:21-41)
Episode 7
The Gerasene Demonaic (Mark 5:1-20)
Episode 8
The Daughter of Jairus (Mark 5:21-43)
Episode 9
John the Baptist (Mark 6:1-29)
Episode 10
Miracles (Mark 6:30-56)

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