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Morally Acceptable Vaccines

Are COVID vaccines ethically and morally acceptable? This week, Dr. Bill Sullivan of the International Association of Catholic Bioethics helps us understand. Also, we introduce a new segment, Book Ends with Jermaine Bagnall, who will introduce us to some great books for young people; Billy has a question in Church for Dummies about the pope and we meet singer/songwriter Mary Kate Westrich.

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More Information:
From Deacon Pedro:
Read the summary of the webinar on morally acceptable vaccines by the International Association of Catholic Bioethics: Is COVID-19 vaccination ordinary (morally obligatory) treatment?
Or watch the full webinar.

From Jermaine:
Learn more about book one in the Harwood Mysteries book series.
Learn more about Mark Shriver’s Hidden Heroes and watch Jermaine’s interview with Mark Shriver on Working In Faith, airing Thursday, July 29th at 8pm ET. 

From Billy:
Can the pope change Doctrine? Read Deacon-structing Doctrine.

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