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Mother Dolores Hart and other great interviews

Dolores Hart
This week, on a special edition of the SLHour, Ken Ogorek offers suggestions on finding meaning and direction to life; We meet the owners of the angelic voices of Seraphim and speak with singer/songwriter Danielle Rose. Also a featured conversation with Mother Dolores Hart whose new book, The Ear of the Heart, is now out.

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Book series gives answers to life’s questions

Pasquale Talarico
Do you want to live a full, authentic life? This week on the SLHOUR we speak with Ken Ogorek, whose new book series, Let’s Talk, offers conversations on the deep truths that give meaning and direction to life. Mark Matthews gives us an update to the new sitcom Wassup En LA? and we meet singer/songwriter and worship leader Pasquale Talarico. Visit us on Facebook for a chance to win Pasquale’s new album My Everything.

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