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October 22, 2011

Canadian Bishops gather every year in Cornwall, Ontario for their annual Plenary Assembly. This week, on a special edition of SL Radio we travel to the Bishops’ Plenary and learn what they’ve been working on this past year. Featured chats with Archbishop Richard Smith of Edmonton, Archbishop Michael Miller of Vancouver, Bishop Paul-Andre Durocher, of Alexandria-Cornwall, Archbishop Anthony Mancini of Halifax, Archbishop Albert LeGatt of Saint-Boniface and Bishop Gary Gordon of Whitehorse.

May 28, 2011

The world did not end last weekend, but can we say the same for victims of natural disasters? This week on S+L Radio we’ll be speaking with Archbishop James Weisgerber of Winnipeg about how the floods have affected his community; Chris Giardino is back with his DVD picks and John Michael Talbot is as busy as ever, with two new books and a new album, Worship and Bow Down.