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S+L BLOG: Noel Ocol

You may remember last November, the Pope was given a white Lambo by the Italian automaker as a gift in order to be auctioned off to help several charities. The one-of-a-kind white and gold Lamborghini in Vatican colours with the Pope’s autograph, sold at a Sotheby's auction last week for close to a million dollars. ...read more
Welcome to S+L’s Weekly News Round-Up. As part of my job, I come across many interesting Catholic news stories on a daily basis. Some of them I’ll cover on Perspectives Daily and the others I’d like to share with you on this blog. I hope you enjoy this column as much as I enjoy putting ...read more
Earlier today, Pope Francis made a pastoral visit to the Italian cities of Nomadelfia and Loppiano, the homes of two prominent Catholic movements founded in the 1940s. The Pope’s 22nd pastoral visit within Italy began this morning as he flew by helicopter to Nomadelfia, a community of  Catholic families and lay unmarried people who adopt ...read more
As thousands across the country get ready to demand that the Canadian government uphold the right to life tomorrow, a new Knights of Columbus survey just released today is showing that Canadians in general, are strongly opposed to the abortion attestation requirement in the federal Summer Jobs funding Program. ...read more
The devil is “a loser,” but yet he still tricks people into giving him power”. That was the theme of the Pope’s homily today during his daily morning Mass from Casa Santa Marta. The Holy Father reflected on how to deal with the devil who, though defeated and dying, is still dangerous. “Never approach or ...read more
In the Philippines where thousands of Filipino Catholics marked the 400th anniversary of the arrival of the image of Our Lady of Mount Carmel to the Philippines. ...read more
I was honored to be invited to join a discussion panel that featured some high profile industry experts and TV personalities to discuss specifically the importance of rigorous journalism. Here's my opening address. ...read more
The Three Chilean abuse survivors who met with Pope Francis last weekend said that his apology to them must be accompanied by concrete actions, not only against those who commit sexual abuse, but also against those who cover it up. ...read more
During his weekly general audience in Rome today, the Pope asked for prayers for peace in Syria and invited Christians, to be joyful, for the grace of Baptism. He continued his catecheses, focusing on the Sacrament of Baptism. He offered a reflection on water, as the source of life. ...read more
The US government is drastically cutting the number of refugees allowed into the country. As a result, nearly 20 US Catholic refugee resettlement programs were forced to close, with many more scaling back operations. ...read more