Catholic Focus   A Vibrant Reality: The Catholic Church in India

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Matthew Harrison Host: Matthew Harrison


Most Rev. Albert D’Souza. Archbishop of Agra, India
Fr. Edwin D’Souza. Pastor, Saints Martha and Mary, Mississauga, ON

Though less than 2% of India’s population is Catholic, the faith is strong in the country. Archbishop Albert D’Souza of the north-Indian Archdiocese of Agra joins us to discuss the joys and challenges of the Church in his region; topics range from inter-faith dialogue, Christian persecution, and signs of hope. It’s interesting to note that the Archbishop comes from a large Catholic family in Mangalore, on the south-west coast of the country. In his family, four of the brothers are priests (two a bishop, and one of those an Archbishop!). One of those priests is Fr. Edwin D’Souza. We visit his parish as he explains the importance of the celebration of the Birth of the Virgin Mary for Catholic Indians. It’s a celebration called Monthi Fest and honours our Blessed Mother, stresses the importance of family, and is an occasion of thanksgiving for the harvest. The final aspect of this episode involves an exploration of a Marian Shrine that is called Lourdes of the East: Our Lady of Good Health, in the small town of Velankanni in southern India.

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