Mothering - Full of Grace
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The vocation of motherhood is one of the most challenging but rewarding, difficult but wonderful jobs in the whole world. Being a mom is a call to care, to fix, to teach, to encourage, to provide, to support… to love. It means being a light to your family and seeing them shine because of it.

But because it’s a vocation, motherhood also means having the graces of the faith and the example of Mary. Within the Catholic family, moms are never alone.

In support of the Catholic family, Salt + Light Television is proud to present Mothering, Full of Grace. Hosted by Rhea Johner and featuring real moms and real families, this 13-episode series aims to encourage and nourish women in their vocations of wife and mom.
Salt + Light Television invites parishes to use Mothering, Full of Grace to the advantage of all mothers in the parish community.

Does your church already host a Mother’s Group? Or are you considering what is the best way to bring mothers together? Either way, S+L encourages parish communities to invite moms to come together for discussion and fellowship and suggests that Mothering, Full of Grace may be the thoughtful, inspiring resource to help you do so.

Order your episodes of Mothering, Full of Grace through our Salt + Light boutique. Gather women together for a Mother’s Group at your parish. Invite the women to pray the rosary, watch one of our 13 episodes of Mothering, and allow time for discussion to follow. The themes and questions posed by the moms on our program are sure to initiate conversations and friendships, encouragement and support among the women who meet.

Episode Description

Holidays - Ahh... holidays. The getaway from the everyday... but not from your faith. Just because you’re not at home doesn’t mean Mass becomes a thing of the past and prayer is something to do when you get back. On this episode of Mothering - Full of Grace, we’ll meet the McNeil family, who believe pilgrimages are essential vacations, as well as hear from Julie and Paul Waters, who talk about what family holidays taught their kids. And our moms discuss ways we can make feast days and Holy days as exciting as holidays.

Extra-curricular Activities - No doubt moms and families have a loooonnnggg list of Things to Do. School, sports, music, family time, chores, and on and on and on. So – take a look at that list again. Where does faith fit in? Today on Mothering - Full of Grace, we’re talking schedules. Join moms as they talk about how much is too much when it comes to kids’ extracurricular activities. Meet the Douros family, who take Sunday as a day for family. And hear from Echelle and Michael Nunan who schedule in Friday Family Night.

Care-giving - Our group of moms talks about who they are caring for and how, whether it’s a privilege or a burden, and how they can take care of themselves. Join us as we also meet Laura O’Reilly and her family – they share a grace-filled story of receiving God’s care during Laura’s fight with cancer. And Julie and Paul Waters talk to each other about what care-giving means in a marriage.

Home - With the tabernacle, statues, and icons, a Catholic Church can pretty easily be identified as a Catholic Church. But what makes a home a Catholic home? In this episode, we sit down with our mothers’ discussion group to talk about finding faith in their homes, Anita Healy takes us on a theological tour of her house, and married couple Cary and Sandy Molyneux talk about figuring out where home is. Host Rhea Johner also gives of us some practical ideas on how to bring the Catholic faith into our own homes.

Working Mom - In this episode, Full of Grace, we tackle the topic of work that Moms do. Join host Rhea Johner and hear from moms working inside, outside, and around the home to find out what keeps them motivated and how they balance work and life. Mom Karen Armstrong talks about her former career as a corporate executive, our discussion group talks about where they work and why, and couple Michael and Echelle Nunan let us in on a conversation about what work, works for them.

Technology - In this episode of Mothering, we talk to moms about the good and bad of technology, the advantages and dangers it presents our children, and how moms can stay on top of things. We’ll also visit the busy household of Kathie and Bob Borys to find out what they are doing to keep their teenagers (and fellow parents) informed and safe. And Cary and Sandy Molyneux talk about decisions they can make as their young children grow up in an age of technology.

Sacraments - On this episode of Mothering, we’ll talk to moms about what they can do to live out a Sacramental life in their households. Rowena and Mark Daly share stories of how their family is embracing the Sacraments. And Julie and Paul Waters reminisce about the baptisms of their children and how this Sacrament got them pointed in the right direction.

Vocations - How do we answer the question, “Where is God calling me?” How do moms help their children realize that’s an important question to consider? On this episode of Mothering, Full of Grace, our moms talk about their call to motherhood and their words of encouragement to their kids to consider their own call. We also meet Nancy Yeung, who talks about how she and her husband created an awareness of vocations in their own home for their four sons. And couple Echelle and Michael Nunan reminisce about how they knew they were called to the vocation of married life.

Heroes - It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s… [insert hero’s name here]! Today on Mothering, Full of Grace, we try to figure out if there is such a thing as Catholic heroes to swoop in and save us. Our moms talk about who their heroes are and how they can direct their children toward positive role models. Lea Mallett introduces us to her family and their heroes. And couple Echelle and Michael Nunan talk to each other about what it means to act heroically in their marriage.

Prayer - There are no textbooks or direct answers. There is no formula. Mathematicians and statisticians can put away their calculators. Because when it comes to prayer, there is no one way to teach someone what comes after the sign of the cross. So how can a mom teach her children to pray and to experience the most personal relationship with God? On this episode of Mothering - Full of Grace, our moms admit that how their children pray is a result of how they themselves pray. Meet Liz and Steve Rebello, who are teaching their eight children the benefits of prayer through example. And hear from Cary and Sandy Molyneux about the prayers they say for their own children.

Education - On today’s episode of Mothering, Full of Grace, we talk to moms about how they can start a faith education in the home, while supporting and enhancing catechism a child may be receiving at school or church. We meet Monica McConkey, whose search for teaching resources for her children led her to writing her own Treasure Chest of Tradition. And Michael and Echelle Nunan reflect on what it’s like to witness the learning process of their little ones.

Family Planning - This episode of Mothering, Full of Grace has a plan… a Family Plan. Big families, small families, in-between families, host Rhea Johner gets us talking about God’s input in our family planning. We’ll also meet Bridget and Carlo Santaguida, parents of six children, to find out the hows and whys of their family size. Couple Cary and Sandy Molyneux speak honestly about Natural Family Planning. And our discussion group talks about what goes into planning for a family. Mothering Mothering
Rhea JohnerWith honesty, spunk, and (of course) grace, Rhea Johner shares with viewers ideas on how to bring faith topics into the every day of family life. It’s something she’s had a bit of practice with – she’s mom to five boys, Lucas, Jesse, Quinn, Matthew and Aidan, and wife to husband Brad. Rhea holds a Bachelor of Education from the University of Regina and also studied in Paray-le-Monial,France (City of the Sacred Heart of Jesus) at the School of Buy Mothering DVDFormation and Evangelization with the Community of Emmanuel. She and her family reside near Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.