St. Peter's Panes of Glory
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More than 11 years ago, Fr. Michael Prieur looked up at the stained glass windows he’d been passing by every day for 40 years and “discovered” them for the first time. The details, the colours, the symbols – all these revealed a more personal look at some of the greatest figures of faith and history.  And he never noticed them before!  With great fervour, he embarked on the mission of a great detective, deciphering the clues in the windows that have become a part of his life.

Six years later, Fr. Prieur published his findings in the book Panes of Glory.

In May of 2011, Salt + Light brings his work to life through the four-part series Panes of Glory: The Windows of St. Peter's Seminary. Salt + Light’s Mary Rose Bacani joins Fr. Michael Prieur, who reveals his insights surrounding the beautiful stained glass windows of St. Peter’s Seminary in London, Ontario.  Each episode features the sublime voices of the internationally-renowned Amabile Choirs from London, Ontario.

Produced in partnership with St. Peter’s Seminary FoundationBuilding Faithful Support for the Catholic Church in Canada and Beyond.

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Photos Courtesy of Richard Valenti, George Hosek and David LeRoss

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Episode 1 - Meet Fr. Michael Prieur and his friends in the windows.
Episode 2 - The Doctors of the Church - the world's greatest theologians.
Episode 3 - The Missionary-Preachers - men of courage who travelled the world.
Episode 4 - The Women in the Windows - models of strength and grace.